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THE MARKETING FORUM is now celebrating it’s 25th year. Held annually on board a P&O cruise ship, this year it’s the Arcadia, it attracts senior UK marketers, agencies as well as  leading industry figures. 

CONFERENCE THEME FOR 2017: Our 2017 conference programme will focus on key issues of concern to marketing professionals in today’s fast moving and often disrupted business world.

Through a combination of case-studies, seminars, interactive workshops and peer-led discussion groups, the forum will help marketers share information, views and experiences on how to keep up to date with latest trends and align thinking to the needs of their brand.

We aim to provide you with the knowhow to deliver strategies which deliver lasting impact on your customers and brand as well as engaging and empowering your multi-generational workforce, your senior leaders and key stakeholders.

New speakers and sessions will be added over the coming weeks.

For further information please contact Hilary Fenwick

CPD Certified

cpd_certified_rgb.pngThe Marketing Forum qualifies for CPD credits. All delegate attendees will receive a CPD certificate after the event.

For further information on CPD accreditation please visit : http://www.cpduk.co.uk

Take part in the programme

If you would like to participate in the programme or recommend any speakers or topics please email Hilary Fenwick or call on +44 (0) 20 8487 2244.

    We will again be using the masterclass structure, where delegates can choose to either focus on one key area or join groups from across the whole programme.

    Each masterclass will be delivered through a series of seminars, workshops and roundtables.

    Workshops focusing on the personal skills required to succeed in senior management.

    Conference sessions focusing on how marketing  can drive the wider ambitions of the business.

    A series of case studies and workshops that provide practical learning to enhance your brand.

    Celebrating our 25 years at the heart of the industry applying key insights to today’s world.


  • Inspiring those around you and motivating your team: lessons business can learn from a compelling success story!

    Dame Katherine Grainger DBE, Britain’s Most Decorated Female Olympian

    Dame Katherine Grainger is Britain’s Most Decorated female Olympian of all time. 

    A peerless leader both on and off the water, Katherine is the newly appointed Chair of UK Sport – one of the most powerful positions in UK sport.  In this role, she will focus on sus...


  • Mars One -It’s out of this world!

    Bas Lansdorp M.Sc., Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mars One

    Mars One invites you to learn more about the next giant leap for humankind!

    The mission goal is to establish a human settlement on Mars as the stepping stone for the human race on its voyage into the universe!  As with the Apollo Moon landings, a human mission to Mars will inspire generations to believe that all things are possible and anything can be achieved.

    Bas Lansdorp has never been one to let bold ventures intimidate him. A born entrepreneur, he sees potential and opportunity where others shy away. Gifted with an articulate vision and genuine enthusiasm, he moves people with his passion for science and the human mission to Mars.

    Since starting Mars One in March 2011, this project has received support from scientists, engineers, businessmen and –women and aerospace companies from all over the world and applicants are queuing to take part in the astronaut selection programme.

    To prepare for this settlement the first unmanned mission is scheduled to depart in 2020. Crews will depart for their one-way journey to Mars starting in 2031; subsequent crews will depart every 26 months. Mars One is a global initiative aiming to make this everyone's mission, including yours.  Everyone is invited to join Mars One’s efforts to make mankind a multiplanetary species.

    Join Bas to hear his inspiring story!

    Bas Landorp is CEO and co-founder of Mars One, a not for profit foundation with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars.
    Bas is responsible, among other things, for investor relations, public outreach and for initial contacts with potential suppliers, sponsors and partners. He is an entrepreneur with an engineering background, interested in visionary technological business cases.


  • Understand your mind, change your world

    Dr. Tim O’Brien, psychologist, performance consultant and author

    This keynote is about you. Tim proposes that you have two stories inside your head: one is about your life and the other is controlling your life. The one that is controlling your life is your Inner Story. This keynote will be about how your mind creates your Inner Story and how changing it can be the fast way to a better you. It will also help you to understand how powerful your mind is in directing how you think, feel and behave. You will be able to take away learnings that you can instantly apply to your personal and professional life.

    Please see a video about Tim's keynote session below.


    Tim O’Brien is a psychologist who has received awards for his pioneering work in the field of emotional and behavioural change. . He has been a performance consultant to teams in a range of global businesses across a variety of sectors. He has been Club Psychologist for three English Premier League football teams including over ten years with Arsenal FC and has designed and delivered leadership programmes for companies such as Nike and Red Bull and has coached individuals from President and CEO to emerging leader level.

    Tim is Visiting Fellow in Psychology and Human Development at the world-leading UCL Institute of Education. His latest book, Inner Story’, is endorsed by Sir Elton John and Arsene Wenger.


  • Change the people or change the people!

    Christopher Barrat, International Speaker & Author for The Greystone Partnership

    Many people have change fatigue – even though we talk of ‘change as the new normal’ it still does not feel very comfortable or fun for the majority of our staff. The same old faux optimism just doesn’t cut it and you need a more refreshing and radical approach.

    In this challenging and thought provoking workshop you will come away with some ideas that can work for sure to re-kindle the vibrancy with which your teams stimulate and deliver change into the organization.

    Here will be some home-truths you already know are true and yet may not have had the courage to push through. This session will help you:

    • Shove your team radically through the change cycle
    • Tell them it is going to be terrible!
    • Show them how taking accountability is the key to success
    • Understand when and why to ‘change the people’ if it is not succeeding.

    Christopher Barrat has worked with many international companies helping them to develop communication and leadership skills that can inspire and engage teams and individuals. In this workshop, you will get the chance to both learn and experience first-hand some of the skills, and from that, have some simple take-away learning that can be quickly applied back in the real world.


  • Brand Marketing in the Retail & QSR sector: how to survive in a VUCA* world. (*Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)

    Tony Holdway, Sales & Marketing Director, Domino's Pizza Group Ltd

    With all the political, economic & consumer uncertainty:
    how to deal with the pressure on your brand.
    Tony Holdway joined Domino’s in 2016. He is tasked with pioneering more ways to order and receive food but believes that 2017 may see the marketing industry entering its toughest 12 months yet. Ever the optimist, Holdway is looking to cement Domino’s position as the UK’s biggest pizza chain by "loading it with customer innovation".

    Tony previously spent 6 months on the board of British Home Stores as Marketing & Creative Director, to turnaround their iconic retail brand, and hit the headlines by running the #SaveBHS campaign in its final weeks.

    He has nearly 30 years of retail experience including holding senior marketing positions at House of Fraser, Wickes, Shop Direct & Mothercare. As an active member of the Marketing Society, Tony focuses on how to better understand & influence customers across all brand channels. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Focal Point Coaching & Negotiation.


  • Channel hopping: building a B2B brand in today’s integrated world

    Dr Liz Jackson MBE, Global Marketing Director, BCMS

    The world has changed and B2B marketers have more choice and opportunities than ever before. How do you make the most of the different marketing possibilities out there, and what works best for a business like yours?

    In this session, Liz Jackson will discuss:

    • An overview of available channels
    • How to integrate marketing
    • What generates best return on investment
    • The importance of failing in a safe environment
    • How to innovate, test, measure, and build a brand that can lead the way.

    Liz Jackson has had a full career, from starting a business at 25, to becoming Global Marketing Director for BCMS, a worldwide, market-leading M&A company. Honoured by Her Majesty the Queen, Liz was awarded an MBE in the 2007 for services to business, and in 2012 she was bestowed with an honorary doctorate by Staffordshire University for her business achievements and for inspiring others.

    Liz is an engaging, compelling speaker and her passion to deliver marketing-led sales strategies, which contribute to business growth, is contagious.


  • Innovation: Getting new and different over the line.

    Sanjay Patel, EMEA Innovation Connector at Coca-Cola Services

    With many different perspectives and agendas in each project team, how do you get the team to perform better together in delivering the right projects on time for the business?

    How to get Marketing, Design and R&D to work together better and achieve your business objective.

    Sanjay Patel is a seasoned cross functional and cross category innovator with over 20 years’ experience in creative leadership and driving change, previously employed at Astra Zeneca and PZ Cussons. 

    Initially engaged by The Coca-Cola Company to look after enhanced hydration packaging and structural design, Sanjay helped create a 2-20-year shared value innovation strategy for the water category.

    Now Sanjay is more involved with discovering irrefutable insights and translating them into business opportunities.  These are brought to life through a series of self-facilitated creative workshops and meaningful agency partnerships to impact across the Global business.


  • Make interesting companies, not just interesting advertising!

    Alex Smith, Founder, BasicArts

    We all know that today great brands, whether B2B or B2C, are the ones people talk about, not those who talk about themselves. The problem is, most brands aren't worth talking about. They save their creativity for their ads whilst the real business underneath remains dull, confused, or worse. This session will introduce you to a simple technique you can apply to any business to make it inspiring for the both its customers, and the people who work for it. 

    By learning the lessons from pioneering brands such as Lush, Patagonia, Google, and Go Pro, you will bring great marketing to the centre of the business where it truly belongs.

    Alex Smith is a strategist who has advised both established brands such as Innocent and The Economist, as well as disruptive start-ups like Unbound and Hello Fresh.  He works with brands, agencies, and media bodies to help them meet today’s consumer expectations by building interesting companies, instead of just interesting advertising.  His work on marketing future has been featured in titles such as Campaign, Marketing, WARC, and Management Today.


  • Growth through self-disruption – the convergence of content and commerce.

    Michel Koch, Multichannel expert, ex-CMO, Time Inc. (UK) Ltd.

    • Disrupting existing business models - How to grow in adjacent markets and reinvent your business when your core model is in decline.
    • Leveraging data to put customer at the heart of your strategy
    • Exploring new revenue streams
    • Self-disruption: using digital to hack growth and extend brand reach.

    In this session, Michel will illustrate with case-study examples how TIME Inc. is growing through creating new business models and leveraging brand equity and content.

    Michel Koch is a digital and e-commerce pioneer and veteran. He started as head of new media at Sony Music in the early 90’s, and has since filled several senior executive positions with international B2C and B2B multichannel companies (including Bertelsmann, Manutan, Quelle, Conrad, Camaïeu).

    Michel relocated to the UK to join Marks & Spencer where he grew their international online sales, and more recently supported the omni-channel strategy of electronics retailer Maplin as eCommerce Director. In 2015, he joined TIME Inc. UK to drive new business growth initiatives, and as a CMO led a company-wide customer marketing transformation program.

  • Communications have changed dramatically over the past decade, what does this mean for the future?

    Luke Gregory, Global Business Marketing, Facebook

    We recently went through the fastest shift in our lifetime. The shift to Mobile. Mobile has reshaped people’s expectations over the kinds of messages they receive from brands. Regardless of what that message is, you need to be delivering it in a way that feels personal, relevant and immersive.

    This is of course disrupting both communication habits but more profoundly the way we do business. In this session, we’ll discuss:

    • How do you rethink the purchase funnel and consider new marketing techniques for both economies and people?

    • We saw transportation, digital goods, hospitality, education, retail, and consumer goods, completely disrupted. Many of these disruptions started from solving a consumer need or frustration with a Mobile solution; Uber, Just Eat. Naked Wines, The Supper Club.

    • The next solution will be how to bring the convergence of innovation to solve a consumer need — that solution should feel personal, immersive, immediate, and deliver personal value.

    Join Luke to discuss ideas and identify best practice in a new era of communications.

    Luke Gregory started his digital marketing career at Microsoft and for 10 years worked on a number of their global brands including Xbox, MSN and Windows. Luke’s focus at Microsoft was on scaled digital and product marketing, establishing digital and social media as a fundamental part of marketing strategy. Subsequent to Microsoft, Luke joined the BBC to develop a digital marketing strategy for some of the UK’s most loved TV and Radio brands through the BBC iPlayer on-demand services.
    Based in London, Luke currently leads the digital marketing team for Facebook’s business marketing in EMEA.


  • Transforming B2B customer communications through content marketing

    Andrew Huestis, PR Director, Retal Group.

    This presentation and discussion reviews some of the challenges of implementing a business to business content marketing strategy in an international context.

    Working collaboratively on a common purpose, editorial principles, platform strategy, customer journey mapping and content planning.

    Andrew Huestis has several years of experience in building global brands and leading effective marketing and communications teams. He recently joined Retal Group as PR Director. Previously he led the implementation of a content marketing approach at Tetra Pak. As Marketing Communications Director for TNT Express, Andrew helped reposition and build the TNT brand.

    Andrew enjoys bringing out the creative energy in people and applying it to drive business results.


  • Uncertain times for business - a political and economic update.

    Dr Jamie Whyte, Director of Research, The Institute of Economic Affairs.

    Recent events have shown us that anything can happen in politics with knock-on effects for the economy.  Who knows what is in store in the short term, never mind the next few years!

    Dr Jamie Whyte, Research Director at the Institute for Economic Affairs will interpret the situation as it stands in October for better or worse … join us for a ‘state of the nation’ political and economic update at that time.

    Jamie Whyte is Director of Research at the IEA. In 2014, he was leader of the ACT Party of New Zealand, a position he resigned upon failing to be elected to parliament in the September general election.

    Jamie has previously worked as a management consultant and as a philosophy lecturer. He is the author of Quack Policy (2013), Free Thoughts (2012), A Load of Blair (2005) and Crimes Against Logic (2004). He won the Bastiat Prize for Journalism in 2006 and was runner up in 2010 and 2016.


  • How to succeed in Global marketing

    Roger Scarlett-Smith, Former Head of Global Categories, GSK/Novartis JV

    When you are marketing dozens of brands across scores of markets, you need a strategy badly ... but what does that mean? Strategy is a word often used, but very seldom understood. If you're really honest, you couldn't even define it yourself -so what chance have your team got of knowing what you mean? I will help you avoid this confusion forever, in a master class that will provide you with the only definition of strategy you'll ever need.

    But strategy alone is not enough. You need to execute with precision and win the external war, not get sucked into those familiar internal battles. I have some tips that helped us create the world's largest and fastest growing Consumer Healthcare business. They can work for you.
    This is a challenging and interactive session that with leave you with some obvious truths that very few people know ... and some things you can do now to clarify your road to success.

    Roger Scarlett-Smith studied law at Cambridge, then switched tracks for a marketing career at P+G. He joined GSK in 1984 and spent 30 years in Consumer Healthcare where he held numerous marketing leadership roles including: Marketing Director, Nutritional Healthcare; Marketing Director, UK Healthcare and Toiletries; Vice President, Marketing, North America; and Global Vice President, Analgesics, Respiratory Tract and Dermatology. Among many things, in his early years he launched Lucozade Sport, acquired and integrated Sensodyne and Panadol, and led marketing teams on all continents.

    His most recent activity was leading the integration with Novartis and creating, recruiting and leading the new global marketing teams, as CMO and member of the JV Board.  He has also had a range of regional leadership experiences as President of North America, Europe Middle East and Africa, UK, Australasia. He was also President of the peak representative body of the consumer healthcare industry in Europe.


  • Transitioning to the GDPR: A roadmap for advertisers and marketers

    Simon Morrissey, Partner and Head of Data & Privacy, Lewis Silkin LLP

    Impending changes to European privacy laws will affect your future marketing and advertising activities – but how? 

    This session will provide you with practical tips to help your organisation get ready for the changes when they come into force in May 2018.

    Join Simon...


  • Discovering your Authentic Leadership

    Katherine Tulpa, Executive Director, Wisdom8

    ‘It may be possible to drive short-term outcomes without being authentic, but authentic leadership is the only way to create long-term results.’  Harvard Business Review.

    This Leadership Roundtable, led by Katherine Tulpa, Global CEO of the Association...


  • Fast Asleep - Wide Awake: the link between sleep, productivity and performance

    Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, physiologist and sleep therapist

    This seminar will address stress, pressure, performance optimisation, burnout prevention and offer practical solutions to deal with 21st century insomnia.  The following will be covered:

    • Sleep, productivity and performance – What’s so important?


  • How to make a great presentation every damn time!

    David McQueen, Founder and Managing Director, Narratively

    This workshop explores the core elements of memorable presentations and will examine:

    • Uncovering the big idea

    • The development of core messages and storytelling

    • Understanding the impact of your voice

    • Developing platform skills

    David McQueen is an international speaker, facilitator and presentations coach. He has worked with a number of audiences around the world in business, third sector and education, sharing his thoughts on personal development and effective presentations.

    A natural storyteller, he is passionate about communicating what good speaking and presentation looks like, in order to help you to become a better speaker and presenter, whether in leadership, sales, pitching for business or investment, customer service or convincing your staff to stay motivated and driven!


  • How to launch your ‘impossible’ enterprise.

    Bas Lansdorp M.Sc., Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mars One

    The power of persuasion is vital to launch any new endeavour, business or personal.
    How do you get the backing for your mission?

    Join Bas on an incredible journey and discover that ability within yourself!

    Bas Landorp is CEO and co-founder of Mars One, a not for profit foundation with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars.
    Bas is responsible, among other things, for investor relations, public outreach and for initial contacts with potential suppliers, sponsors and partners. He is an entrepreneur with an engineering background, interested in visionary technological business cases.


  • How your mind can make you more successful

    Dr. Tim O’Brien, psychologist, performance consultant and author

    Defining what success means and looks like for you is critical if you want to succeed. However, controlling what is going on inside your head is even more critical in getting you to where you want to be. Successful people are focused – but do you know the one thing that everyone must focus on to be successful? Successful people are motivated – but are you aware why motivation is not enough?  We are told that setting goals is essential to success – but are you are aware that forgetting them could be even more essential? Join Tim for this interactive session and identify how understanding your conscious and unconscious mind can increase the inevitability of achieving success on your terms.


  • Understanding the psychology of higher performing teams: what’s really going on?

    Dr. Tim O’Brien, psychologist, performance consultant and author

    Whereas Tim’s keynote address was focussed on individuals this session is all about teams. Every team that Tim has worked with - in business and in sport - identifies and develops its Inner Story as it is the most important lever for performance. In this practical session Tim will help you to analyse the Inner Story of your team and offer advice on how to change it in order to create a culture of high performance.

    Join Tim to find out what is really going on in your team, explore the challenges that you face and identify real solutions that you can apply in your own workplace.



    Led by Wisdom8 – coaches to the Fellows and Scholars coaching programmes for the Marketing Academy

    Take the opportunity to spend time with one of our highly qualified and experienced coaches to carve out some space from your hectic schedule to explore and reflect upon whatever’s on your mind.

    You may have a specific, business-related issue that you would like to bring or something that is more connected to your life outside of work: challenges, ambitions, obstacles, or simply a ‘niggle’ or curiosity about something you can’t quite define yet. What you discuss is entirely up to you.

    Whatever it may be, our coaches will bring their full attention and an independent perspective to the conversation. The ultimate goal is that you leave with more options and ideas, and feeling better resourced to take those forward. You may be surprised at what you can achieve!
    Details of specific coaches on the following pages


  • One-to-One Coaches

    Oona Collins & Annelie Green, Partner Coaches, Wisdom8

    Oona is an international Executive and Board-Level Coach who specialises in leadership development, and team building for high performance.  She has over 25 years’ experience incorporating board level positions in the UK and Asia. Her clients include Royal Bank of Scotland, Knight Frank, Leo Burnett and Sotheby’s International.  She has coached over 25 different nationalities and her background in leading teams in different parts of the world gives her a deep understanding of the challenges of motivating teams during times of success and crisis and engaging people so they are motivated to a common goal.

    Annelie Green’s clients are CEO’s, C-Suite and Fast-track leaders and teams across the world who are focused on their own and their business’ performance.  35 years of international experience provides her with a deep understanding of global business environments, cultures and the challenges faced by leaders. Her coaching leads clients to challenge their thinking, resulting in new insights and better outcomes. Authenticity, a sense of humour and perspective are important elements of her work.


  • One-to-One Coaches

    Olwyn Merritt & Anita Cooper, Partner Coaches, Wisdom8

    Olwyn spent 20 years in senior sales and marketing management positions in some of the UK's top organisations, including BT and Energis. She led BT's Winback and Competitive Response teams and ran the marketing division for a highly acquisitive tech company. This kept her clos...


  • The World’s Best Wines and Cheeses

    Steve Parker, Founder, Cheese and Wine Tasting Events

    To mark the occasion of Richmond Events’ last ever ship-based forums, we are bringing you a very special tasting event.

    For the past 5 years, Steve Parker has entertained our clients with his lively and entertaining ’talks with samples’.

    We have brought Steve back for this landmark event to present a true Luxury Tasting.

    You will be taken on a journey of tasting, history and anecdotes covering some of the world’s best known and favourite fine wines and cheeses including vintage Champagne, top class Burgundy, Hungarian Tokaji, traditional handmade Stilton, Farmhouse Cheddar and many other delights.


  • Tour de France

    Steve Parker, Founder, Cheese and Wine Tasting Events

    To mark the occasion of Richmond Events’ last ever ship-based forums, we are bringing you a very special tasting event.

    For the past 5 years, Steve Parker has entertained our clients with his lively and entertaining ’talks with samples’.

    We have brought Steve back for this landmark event to present his most popular tasting: Tour de France.

    You will be taken on a journey of tasting, history and anecdotes covering some of France’s best known and favourite wines and cheeses including Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux paired with world renowned cheeses such as Camembert, Brie and others.

    Steve Parker has 30 years’ experience in FTSE-100 FMCG drinks companies, at all levels of management. He has wide and varied experience in a number of business and commercial disciplines. Since leaving big business in 2010, Steve founded and built Hampton Cheese and Wine Company, an award-winning cheese shop, deli, wine bar/shop and Tasting Room in South-West London.

    In addition to running Hampton Cheese and Wine Company, Steve has founded Cheese and Wine Tasting Events, providing tasting events and talks for companies large and small.

    Steve also judges in a number of international food and drink awards: The World Cheese Awards, British Cheese Awards and Independent Wine Merchant Awards and has also featured in a number of industry publications including Speciality Food, The Wine Merchant. Decanter, Off Licence News and the Fine Food Digest.

    Steve’s lively and entertaining presentation style is informal and informative meaning you will taste some amazing cheeses and wines whilst learning a wealth of information at the same time.


  • Geoff Miller

    After dinner speaker (Thursday 5th October)

    Geoff Miller spent 20 years on the professional cricket circuit representing Derbyshire, Essex, Natal and England. He travelled to all the major Test-playing countries and played with or against some of the greatest players in the game.

    Geoff played in 34 Test Matches;...


  • Networking agenda


    In addition to the main conference programme, delegates have many other opportunities to spend time with peers; learn from them, help others who are facing the issues that they have successfully overcome and extend personal networks.

    ‘Extra-curricular’ activities and entertainment
    We know that delegates like to have some ‘down time’ at the event and to make full use of the ship’s facilities we will be offering some downtime activities for delegates to take part in:-
    - Wine and cheese tasting
    - Galley visits and other 'behind the scenes' ship tours
    - Casino lessons
    - Aerobics
    - Spa and salon
    - After-dinner entertainment (comedian, quiz, karaoke, shows)

    Informal networking
    There are countless opportunities to informally network with all forum attendees – speed meetings on the first night are a great ice-breaker, relax with a coffee in one of the ship’s many lounges during free time and the after-dinner entertainment offers some light relief after a busy day. 


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